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We came together in the spring of 2022, to support those who took action to oppose Russian military aggression in Ukraine, but who were not aided by existing human rights organisations.

Solidarity zone is a horizontal initiative, which exposes the persecution of, and provides practical support to, those arrested for anti-war actions in Russia.

Everyone deserves defence and solidarity. And we stand in solidarity with people who have taken a stand, in word and deed, against state violence. We are against the existence of prisons, states and wars — for self-organization, equality and the abolition of oppression.

At the same time, we are not prepared to support people who practice discrimination on national, gender, social or other grounds.

Right now we are providing support to:
▪️Anton Zhuchkov
▪️Vladimir Sergeev
▪️Vladimir Zolotarev
▪️Igor Paskar
▪️Ruslan Zinin
▪️Roman Nasryev
▪️Ivan Kudryashov
▪️Mikhail Balabanov
▪️Ilya Baburin
▪️Boris Goncharenko
▪️Kirill Butylin
▪️Alexey Rozhkov
▪️Valeria Zotova
▪️Sergey Okrushko
▪️Irina Izmailova
▪️Yury Mikheev
▪️Ruslan Siddiqui
▪️Dmitry Lyamin
▪️Angel Nikolaev

 We would like to point out that we do not pay any fines or compensation for damage caused to the state. We also do not help people who voluntarily testify against others. Pleading guilty, or not guilty, is not a limiting factor.

Our objectives are:
▪️ establish and maintain contact with arrestees and their loved ones;
▪️ find lawyers who we trust;
▪️ arrange parcels or packages for prisoners;
▪️ with the consent of those we support, share information about their cases and addresses for letters.

📬 You can e-mail us on any subject at: solidarity_zone@riseup.net

💰We have no permanent source of funding, so your support is of critical importance to us. Please donate to our project, if you are in a position to do so.

Details for transfers:

🪙 PayPal: solidarity_zone@riseup.net


Monero: 4B1tm6boA5ST6hLdfnPRG2Np9XMHCTiyhE6QaFo46QXp6tZ7Y6nJjE43xBBTwHM84bWwexR8nS4KH36JHujjc1kC8j2Mx5e

Bitcoin: bc1qn404lrshp3q9gd7852d7w85sa09aq0ch28s3v4


To make a donation via other USDT networks, or other cryptocurrencies — write to us at solidarity_zone@riseup.net to request the necessary details.

Funds received via any of these channels are used solely for the needs and in the interests of those who are supported, or may be supported in future, by Solidarity zone.

To support the participants of Solidarity zone themselves, we started Patreon:

📣 Regardless of whether you are able to support Solidarity Zone financially, you can help us by reposting or otherwise circulating information about us.

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