Funds received via any of these channels are used solely for the needs and in the interests of those who are supported, or may be supported in future, by Solidarity zone.

Right now we are providing support to

▪️Anton Zhuchkov
▪️Vladimir Sergeev
▪️Vladimir Zolotarev
▪️Igor Paskar
▪️Ruslan Zinin
▪️Roman Nasryev
▪️Ivan Kudryashov
▪️Mikhail Balabanov
▪️Ilya Baburin
▪️Boris Goncharenko
▪️Kirill Butylin
▪️Alexey Rozhkov
▪️Valeria Zotova
▪️Sergey Okrushko
▪️Irina Izmailova
▪️Yury Mikheev
▪️Ruslan Siddiqui
▪️Dmitry Lyamin
▪️Angel Nikolaev

Your Donation
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💰We have no permanent source of funding, so your support is of critical importance to us. Please donate to our project, if you are in a position to do so.

To support the participants of Solidarity zone themselves, we started Patreon:

📣 Regardless of whether you are able to support Solidarity Zone financially, you can help us by reposting or otherwise circulating information about us.